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Digital Speed Governors, Speed Limitter, Tracker & Recorder

We offer the best Digital Speed Governors, Speed Limiter, Tracker & Recorder in the Industry.
Trailmycar commits to offering simple but reliable solutions operated across multiple support platforms that have satisfactorily met and surpassed client needs and requirements. We are in the business of helping you keep proper tabs on your mobile assets as well as take control of utilization of your fleet using the latest technology for maximum realization of return on your investment. To top it all We 24hr control center that offers technical support to our clients.
  • Easy installation
  • Safety
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased operational Efficiency

Our Mission

To provide quality and affordable services in property security, fleet management vehicle tracking services and Speed Limiter solutions through utilization of well researched and specialized technologies.

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Our Vision

To be a leader in the provision of fleet management, vehicle tracking services and Speed Limiter solutions that is accurate and reliable.

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About TMC001

TMC001 Product Features

We have been in the business of selling and installing speed governors, and have recently introduced the digital speed limiters, TMC001.

The product design meets the speed-limiting requirements of Kenya KS2295-1 KS2295- 2 standard.

  • Speed limiting ability when set speed is reached.
  • Real time tracking using GPS and SMS, enabling owner to track vehicle movement
  • Features 120 hours of speed recording
  • Tamper proof
  • History recording of speed, mileage, time, location and driver ids
  • Alerts in case of over-speed, power cut off, low battery and driver fatigue
  • Printed reports on speed, trips, last position, alerts, ACC status, mileage and last position
  • Web surveillance – ability to track using phone or computer
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Functions TMC001

Functions of the TMC001 Speed Limiter

The main function of our speed limiter is the ability to limit vehicle speed within controllable range. It also has the following highlighted functions:

  • Record data:
    a. History data recording within 72 hours, including: Speed, License No., Odometer, Date & Time, Driver ID No., etc.
    b. Support retrieving history data from USB port.
  • Parameter query & setting :
    All parameters can be set directly in computer, and each device can be programmed through an USB flask disk, which is tamp-proof and need password.
  • Tachograph & Speed Limitation function:
    When the vehicle speed is close to pre- set speed limit value (default 80km/h), the speed limiter will issue a " beep, beep" sound alarm to remind drivers to slow down. If drivers do not slow down, it automatically starts to reduce throttle actuator, until the speed drops to restore the driver to control the throttle. Meanwhile, the speed limiter will record the driver code, license plate numbers, over speeding time etc.
  • Display Screen to show real time data and parameter details
  • Real time transmission of data to NTSA server, as per the new regulations.
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Benefits of TMC001

Benefits of TMC001 Speed Limiter

  • Safety – the limiter will control the vehicle speed efficiently when the driver encounters emergency without affecting driving ability, hence lowers accident occurrence rates.
  • Increased fuel efficiency - The speed limiter controls the vehicle speed within the preset value so as to significantly lower fuel consumption.
  • Vehicle Maintenance - The controlling of vehicle speed means a reduction of times of braking and abrasion and an alleviation of vibration and load on the engine.
  • Increased operational Efficiency – Ability to track vehicle movements and control speed helps improve fleet operations and productivity.
  • Easy installation – the device is easily installed and is compatible with any motor vehicle model.
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  • About TMC001

    We have been in the business of selling and installing speed governors...

  • Functions TMC001

    The main function of our speed limiter is the ability to limit vehicle speed....

  • Benefits of TMC001 Speed Limiter

    Safety – the limiter will control the vehicle speed efficiently...

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